About Me


My name is Ngoc Nguyen.

I build websites, travel to different places, and I love food, drinks, and great company. Most of all, I am fascinated by interesting concepts, intersecting ideas, and life in all its colors.

I created Kairos-Koros as a personal website to share some of my thoughts and beliefs.

South Tampa - Intersection of Bayshore and Howard

It Begins with Choices

I am a dreamer, an INTP, a seeker, a traveler, a wandering soul.

At the end of it all, I believe that it is not the car you drive, the clothes you wear, or the job you have that defines you. I have heard it said that all you have are your words and your actions or that you are the company you keep. I think those are fine sayings, but I personally believe that you are ultimately your choices – some choices you make, some choices you compromise, and some choices you forgo.

Korea Palace

Go Further

I have explored cultures across the world, spent time with rich paupers and poor millionaires, seen firsthand the ugliness of indifference, and wept at the beauty of life. I have made courageous choices, and I have walked down dark paths that led nowhere. I have ran, walked, and crawled of roads high and of roads low for what I am after lies not in the destination but in the journey.

Indonesia - Gunung Bromo

In Search of Interesting …

Do you ever truly win or lose at life? No, you simply live it each and every day. When I reach the end of my road and look back at it all, I hope to have lived an interesting life, gone on a amazing journey, and played a beautiful game.