My Da Nang, My Tranquility

| Ngoc Nguyen
Sunrise in Da Nang
I went running on the shores of Da Nang.
After a mile, I threw away my shirt.
Another half-mile after that I tossed my shoe and socks.

I jogged barefoot on the sands with not a care in the world, and when I finally start to turn back…
I saw my footsteps in the sand – the path I took to get here.

I weaved in-between these steps; jogged side by side; and finally abandoned them altogether to make a new path
I knew where I was heading, but I chose a different path and that made all the difference

When the heat became overbearing, I jumped into the waters
The waves splashed over me, and I dive deep

I recovered my shoes and later on my shirt, but I do not put them back on…
I walked the shoreline – waves and sands between my toes
The sound of the waves are calming, peaceful

I live in the moment, and I smile.

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